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Despite being lauched in 2018, our server already has a lot of different game modes on it. Apart from having Vanilla+ Survival and a plot-based creative server, we are now focused on developing minigames, the first one of them - BedWars - can already be found on the network with 5 available servers and different maps. We will constantly update our network for future minigames for your enjoyment! Join the server and check out our takes on different gamemodes!


As we explained above, we're currently focused on expanding the network with unique takes on popular gamemodes. Right now we're in the middle of finishing up BedWars as well as starting to work on the alpha version of SkyBlock. In the future you can expect seeing a gamemode like SkyWars and a fully original gamemode called KitBrawl.

While being focused on working on game modes, we still don't forget about the core of our server - our Anti-Cheat is constantly updated, we have a unique BungeeCord API system called BungeeFoundation and will be working on implementing network levels as well as different quests and minigame currencies. Our plans for 2020 include fully releasing at least 3 different gamemodes, making the 1.5 Lobby Update as well as polishing the same very same website you're currently on with our server store, forums and other cool stuff.